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What I enjoy about being an attorney is helping my clients. I started my career as a commercial real estate attorney and segued into my current practice because I found that I was passionate about helping my clients during the times of their lives which could be the most difficult. I now limit my practice to areas which compliment each other and all affect clients at a very personal level.

I specialize in matrimonial and family law issues, buying and selling a home, counseling you on writing a will and estate proceedings.


Going through a divorce is one of the most emotionally challenging times for your entire family. Whether you were blind-sided by infidelity, have made the very difficult decision to leave a marriage or you are both seeking an amicable divorce it is still one of the major life stressors.

How the process is handled and the decisions you make during this time can affect your family’s emotional and financial health for years to come. The tone of the process is often set by your attorney’s character and integrity. I pledge that one of my goals in every divorce is to maintain civility and to not allow the tone of your divorce to devolve into a free for all.

Your decision making will be swayed by the counsel you hire to lead you through a new, intimidating and unfamiliar time for you. I will give you straight answers and practical advice based on my knowledge of the law and experience. Situations are not often black and white and I am skilled and have experience in fashioning creative solutions for difficult situations. I always trying to seek the best solution for you and your children.

Perhaps the most important advice you will read here is that divorce does not have to be a long, drawn-out process, draining your family’s finances. I pledge that I will always use the most expedient, practical and the most inexpensive ways to resolve each issue and your entire case. Whereas filing a motion is often necessary, I will always first try to seek the court’s intervention with a court conference, or even a telephone conference with the judge and attorneys.


Real Estate

I handle real estate purchases for both sellers and buyers. My goal is to negotiate a contract and get it signed in the shortest amount of time. I protect my clients’ interests without letting a deal fall apart. I’m well versed in certificate of occupancy, property boundary, outstanding judgments, clearing title and all of the other issues which can arise when buying or selling real property.

Wills and Estate Proceedings

I provide practical advice regarding writing your last will and testament, health care proxy, living will and power of attorney. I also handle will probate and administration proceedings (when the decedent did not have a will) in Surrogate’s Court.